[Runequest] Meditating on Encumberance

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 14:12:27 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   I find it interesting that so many intelligent, reasonable, and
experienced game designers have come up with so many inconsistent ways of
describing how encumbering stuff is.
   For me, the topic is never one I can experience first hand.
 Specifically, though I've donned chain mail, and dabbled in the SCA and
college fencing, I never practiced fighting in armor.
  Generally, I don't know how it really FEELS for a 6-foot-tall guy to be
encumbered.  I'm a very small fellow, only 5 feet tall, and have found
myself dangerously top-heavy with backpacks that a 6-footer would proceed
to take hiking without difficulty.
   So I never really know what to make of numbers that different game
designers offer for gear and armor and limitations.  But the
inconsistencies nag at me, and make me curious.
   Then I'll go read about what the ancient Athenians did at Marathon, or
how long the hardy Spartans fought at Thermopylae, and say to myself, "Who
are we [moderns] to tell a player that his warrior character is too weary?"
   I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but if anyone has some insight,
it would be a weight off my shoulders.  :-)
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