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*I get confused easily about types of armor.  When my kids start picking
out their armor on page 86, they'll have questions which I cannot easily
*   Laminar is listed as "Flexible".  When I look it up on wikipedia, the
photos look articulated, but not flexible.  Chainmail is listed as "Rigid",
yet looks flexible.*
*   Any advice on how best to explain these categories to the kids?*

If you note the heading of the first column on the armour table (page 86)
it says 'Material Type'. The distinctions relate to what the armour is made
*from *rather than the armour's nature afterwards.

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> Asher Royce Yaffee wrote:
> > Hi, All,
> >    I have a few questions about RQ6.  At the moment, our setting is
> > Greco-Roman-ish, and the kids had some questions.  I would much
> appreciate
> > the opinion of anyone who has read, used, or otherwise participated in
> RQ6
> <Snip>
> In terms of the spatha my understanding is it developed from the gladius
> as time progressed and cavalry became more used by the legions (in early
> times cavalry were often mercenaries). As the gladius was too short to use
> effectivly from horseback the spatha was developed by effectively just
> making a long gladius. As such I would rule it to be pretty much a
> broadsword.
> In terms of the armour it depends on period. The Lorica Segmentata that
> came about after the Marian Reforms was articulated plate as far as I
> understand. Definitly hard armour in my opinion.
> I defer to David re the greek shortsword. Although I heard somewhere that
> the older soldiers at the back of the phalanx used them to goad on the
> younger spear bearers in front of them....
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