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Hi, All,
   I have a few questions about RQ6.  At the moment, our setting is
Greco-Roman-ish, and the kids had some questions.  I would much appreciate
the opinion of anyone who has read, used, or otherwise participated in RQ6
-- if you have the time and inclination to answer.

1.  Which sword in the RQ6 list would best cover the stats for the Roman
cavalry sword, the spatha?  (I assume that the Roman infantry sword, the
gladius, would be treated as a shortsword.)

2.  In our campaign, the NPC centurion to whom the players report wears
cuirbouilli (sp?).  Does cuirbouilli use the same stats as linothrax?

3.  I get confused easily about types of armor.  When my kids start picking
out their armor on page 86, they'll have questions which I cannot easily
   Laminar is listed as "Flexible".  When I look it up on wikipedia, the
photos look articulated, but not flexible.  Chainmail is listed as "Rigid",
yet looks flexible.
   Any advice on how best to explain these categories to the kids?

4.  Anachronisms are welcome in our adventures, and a player has rolled up
a Spartan hoplite to fight alongside the legionaries.  (I'm thinking,
"Don't rain on their parade over trivial things like historical realism."
 I'm sure you understand.)  What was name of the sword that hoplites
carried, and would it be treated as a shortsword?

   Many thanks ahead of time for any and all replies.

P.S.  Love the RQ6 sorcery!  Perfect for the sinister NPC foes we love to
hate.  :-)
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