[Runequest] Not really rules related....

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Jun 18 14:55:57 EST 2013

Steve Perrin wrote:
> Well, actually, that's a Springbok, which is native to South Africa. Of
> course, whether the body attached to the Springbok head is human or
> quadrupedal is not obvious.
Correct. National animal here in ZA and also the name of our national
rugby team (rugby here being like I suppose basebaw or ice hockey to
people from the States and Canada respectively.) The play on words is that
a bock is a type of dark beer quite popular in Benelux Countries and
Germany. And if it was made in spring...

Rules wise - if it were a springbok based broo it would be not be very big
I think, springbog are pretty small and thin
when compared to other antelope.

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