[Runequest] Mongoose monsters II

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Jun 12 16:33:38 EST 2013

Funny enough I just bought that volume off eBay. Still in the post. All I
think I need now to complete the core rules set is the Spellbook.
But if you go to eBay UK it pops up new and cheap often. USA more
expensive usually, from my observations.

David Cake wrote:
> 	I only just realised that Mongoose did a second volume of Runequest
> Monsters, and I'm told that volume had a lot of Gloranthan creatures in
> it. It is (along with all Mongoose Glorantha stuff) no longer available
> for sale from them, but seems not to have made it across to The Design
> Method like most of the other books. Anyone have a copy, able to let me
> know if its worth tracking down? One of those 'I'd cheerily buy a PDF if
> I could" things.
> 	Cheers
> 		David
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