[Runequest] [RQIII]Gorgon

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Thu Jun 6 17:46:47 EST 2013

I don't think there is anything in RQ3 rules about undoing petrification. That's what makes it such a formidable and scary event. It should be however undoable with great effort. This reminds me of one item in the old GURPS Magic items-book. There was an alchemical ointment that could turn stone back to flesh - of course it was useful only if statue had originally been a living creature. I suggest transferring that idea into RQ. Maybe RQ could use such a rare alchemical formula, 1 SIZ per POT. Finding an alchemist with the correct recipe could be its own adventure - as well as acquiring the right ingredients. If the formula was expensive enough, it would make stoning curable without turning it casual.
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