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Peter Maranci pmaranci at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 01:53:56 EST 2013

If anyone is looking for a RuneQuest game in the northern Rhode Island area
(or knows someone who is), I have an opening or two in my current campaign,
The Cave of Worlds. It's a multi-genre game based on classic RQIII, with
modifications as necessary. The campaign features worlds based on numerous
sources, including original settings as well as those inspired by
literature and media. Emphasis is on roleplaying, exploration, and fun
rather than combat.

We normally play on Saturday afternoons from noon to 5pm in Woonsocket, RI,
although we're probably going to be playing on Sundays instead during the
summer. Current players cover a thirty-year age spread, and range from
highly experienced to relative newcomers to RPGs. A good sense of humor and
imagination are all that's needed. Experience is NOT required.

Some session writeups can be found at http://runequest.org/caveof.htm

Peter Maranci - pmaranci at gmail.com
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