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Tue Jun 4 23:53:50 EST 2013

On 4/06/2013 11:15 PM, Leon Kirshtein wrote:
> Even if there was/is a spell like that, it would have duration and the 
> intensity would need to be high enough to do the transmutation. 
> Sorcery is just not really good for stuff like this. Seems like a DI 
> time to me.

Take the HERO system approach for transform. The theory being, that if 
you can do enough damage to kill a target, then you can do what you like 
to the target (such as turning it to stone indefinitely). The effect is 
based on the damage dice, but the damage needs to either be done in one 
go (or perhaps cumulatively like some toxins).

It could be a curse, similar to the mechanics of a poison, POT 40 vs CON 
or POW. Or is could be dice of damage (a lot of them to reflect the 
degree of the effect). However, world consistency needs to be taken into 
effect (eg: does it affect a 200 HP, 100 CON Kraken as easily as it does 
a normal human?), so the "vs POW" might be a better option, which might 
reflect a divine curse-like nature.


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