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I had the recollection that there was some sort of "Transmute <substance> to <substance>" Sorcery spell out there that could account for the Gorgon's power (i.e. "Transmute Flesh to Stone"), and hence a possible reversal; but I can't seem to find it the RQ3 books nor RQ-AIG.

Is my memory just faulty?

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>It is a GMs call. The rules aren't clear on exactly when you treat such magical powers as spells, and not. 
>But I'd make it reversible somehow, and Dismiss Magic seems ok. Divine Intervention? Some obscure form of movement magic? It still isn't an easy thing to do, and being petrified by magic shouldn't be harder to reverse than death. 
>But it is up to you. If you want the players to pay a 'grave price', then make it irreversible. If the character really is crucial to the plot, maybe giving them a way to reverse it eventually might make for a better game in the end. 
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>> Hi all.
>> This has no doubt been discussed before. Can a gorgons petrification
>> effect be reversed via dismiss magic (sorcery)? The description of monster
>> does say stuff like counter magic and shield spells are usless against its
>> vile gaze, but it doesn't explain what thereafter. Up to the GM for sure I
>> am thinking.
>> Some background, I had the lads descend below a temple having been warned
>> by the demigod whose temple it was there may be a grave price to pay. They
>> nipped down and I had a gordgon awaiting, like Clash of the Titans. Alas
>> they weren't forewarned about mirrors and aren't munchkin D&D types who
>> carry that kind of gear around. Anyhow after some hard fighting and some
>> decent POW x 5 roles eventually one of the characters critical to the plut
>> succumbed. I played it a bit saying the affect was slow and he could sense
>> what was happening etc.
>> They sent for a sorcerer with a dismiss magic and I gave her one chance,
>> she failed. The lads eventually reckoned moving the statue to the grove of
>> trees outside the temple and making it into a wee shrine may be the best
>> they could do....
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