[Runequest] One-page intro to RQ?

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Jun 4 23:22:01 EST 2013

Peter Maranci wrote:
> Last weekend I ran a couple of one-shot introductory scenarios for
> RuneQuest at the Arisia convention in Boston. Rather than supply
> pregenerated characters as I have in the past, I made up customizable
> character sheets with very simplified rules; my goal was to convey the
> basic concepts behind RQ, without overwhelming new players.
> So has anyone else tried something like that?

Found some old mails I hadn't read.
To answer simply - yes but not in so much detail. I once put together a
simple, bookmark type double sided item with some basic info just to get
the name out there as an alternative and advising to check my site for
more details. Still don't know if anyone took one and if so that
translated to a hit or even a convert. Or more likley an organiser decided
they didn't belong and binned them.

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