[Runequest] [RQIII]Gorgon

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Jun 4 15:32:52 EST 2013

Peter Maranci wrote:
> I agree, the change is permanent and would not be reversed via any of the
> spells which counteract temporary effects - any more than the effects of a
> Heal spell can be reversed!
> It would be interesting to have an Animate Stone spell cast on the victim,
> but as GM I'd be inclined to rule that the animated statue would still be
> just that, a statue. The victim's consciousness would not control their
> stone body in any way.
> Transmuting stone to flesh might work, but I don't recall any permutation
> of RQ that has that particular spell or effect.
Actually the transmuting brings up some bad memories or rules lawyering at
its finest. That plus perhaps not he best GM in laying down the law
resulted in the best part of a session wasted as his wife moaned and
winged about the from set spell and what it could and couldn't do.

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