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Hmmm, when you say a "wee shrine", are we talking "wee" as in small or something else?

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>Hi all.
>This has no doubt been discussed before. Can a gorgons petrification
>effect be reversed via dismiss magic (sorcery)? The description of monster
>does say stuff like counter magic and shield spells are usless against its
>vile gaze, but it doesn't explain what thereafter. Up to the GM for sure I
>am thinking.
>Some background, I had the lads descend below a temple having been warned
>by the demigod whose temple it was there may be a grave price to pay. They
>nipped down and I had a gordgon awaiting, like Clash of the Titans. Alas
>they weren't forewarned about mirrors and aren't munchkin D&D types who
>carry that kind of gear around. Anyhow after some hard fighting and some
>decent POW x 5 roles eventually one of the characters critical to the plut
>succumbed. I played it a bit saying the affect was slow and he could sense
>what was happening etc.
>They sent for a sorcerer with a dismiss magic and I gave her one chance,
>she failed. The lads eventually reckoned moving the statue to the grove of
>trees outside the temple and making it into a wee shrine may be the best
>they could do....
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