[Runequest] Getting used to RQ6.

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 02:46:04 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   Summer is fast approaching -- campaign season, in our household -- and
my venerable RQ3 books cannot survive weeks of my children thumbing through
and looking up tables and monsters.  Knowing this, I started saving up my
pennies to buy RQ6.
   And I started prepping my kids for the switch to new rules.  I gave them
a sneak peek at the book, thanks to Mr. Whitaker's youtube.  I put the
player characters in a bad spot during an adventure, and then introduced "a
new rule from Runequest 6, the Luck Point", with which the players were
able to save their characters.  I picked up a bargain box book called
"Warriors versus Warriors" -- gladiator vs. samurai and such nonsense, but
fun for kids -- to show fighting styles.  You get the picture.
   Then I ordered the book.  It should come in the mail this week.  In the
meantime, we've been looking through the PDF.  And it is hard for me to get
used to.
   The kids are fine with it.  They don't get lost trying to find the right
skill on their character sheets.  In switching to a fighting style, they
get to take the highest weapon skill for their new combined skill.  They
get luck points.  My daughter likes Anathaym (sp?).  All is good.
   I'm the one having trouble adjusting.  When I look at a table and see
different numbers for hit points or weapon damage, some small part of my
brain reflexively declares, "Wrong!"  If I were buying a different game, I
wouldn't have this response.  But RQ6 is clearly, unquestionably RuneQuest.
 So I keep getting this unhelpful knee-jerk reaction.
   But I'll get over it.  :-)

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