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Hi, All,
   Feel free to skip past this entry, as it is a bit inconsequential and
sentimental.  :-)
   My kids and I have been playing RQ6 this summer -- our campaign season
-- and it has been a success.
   RQ6 is more amateur-friendly than is RQ3.  Skill improvement is simpler;
getting killed is harder; organization of the melee round (action points,
which we handle with poker chips) makes more sense to young people; and
sorcery is easier to do.  Since my kids range from ages 7 to 11, that's a
very good thing.
   The combination of having luck points and of major wounds being hard to
heal has started changing the party's behavior.  Sometimes they'll avoid a
fight simply because their luck points have run low.  They've learned that
character survival can hinge on just a couple of unlucky dice rolls.
 Interesting.  Good to see kids thinking ahead.
   And they're so cute when they get excited about Special Effects.  "Try
maximum damage!"  "No, wait!  This guy's pretty handy with his shield.  How
about circumvent parry?"  "Nah.  I want to choose hit location.  Head, I
   In today's adventure, the party stopped a goblin tribe from sacrificing
human victims to a volcano, and did so by a balance of cooperation and
bloodshed that kept both genders happy.  The adventure was named Mount
Wannahawkalugee No More.  After much effort, it finally turned on three
competitions:  my daughter's elf scout in a who's the best hunter
competition; my younger son's wizard in a magic-only duel with the tribe's
medicine man; and my older son's Spartan warrior in a gladiator-style duel
with the tribal chief's champion.  Success in all three (of course), plus
some successful oratory and plenty of groundwork ahead of time, persuaded
the excited goblins to reward the party with the human captives as a gift.
 "We'll capture some more for the sacrifice," said the goblin chief.  But
the party knew better, thanks to the research of a natural philosopher.
 Our heroes and the rescued captives barely cleared the area before Mount
Wannahawkalugee erupted.
   My oldest boy still misses leaving a trail of bodies everywhere
(goblins, Gauls, whatever) a la D&D, but he's getting used to the idea of
thinking before slaying.  :-)

   One final note about combat styles.  As I may have mentioned before, I'd
picked up a silly book called "Warriors Vs Warriors" at the grocery store
bargain bin.  And what a bargain it's been!  This goofy book, posing ninja
against gladiatrix and the like, is the clearest explanation of combat
styles (and maybe combat style traits) I could ever ask for.  I highly
recommend leaving it lying around for players to thumb through.

   Well, enough blabbering about the fun we've been having.  Hope you're
having fun gaming, too.
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