[Runequest] RQ III to MRQ1 to RQVI conversions

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> Hi Styopa,
> What did you find 'broken'?
Hi Loz, I'm not going to attack RQ's only-best-hope publicly.  I've emailed
you directly.

For the rest of you, the closing of my email to Loz is worth repeating:
"To be clear, as I said in the previous post, we went back to a rules set
that "that suits what *we* want in a game" (please note the emphasis).  RQ6
is a fine set for people just getting into RQ that don't have a set of
expectations and understandings that have to be unlearned to start, and is
a LIVING, published system that's going to flourish and be successful (and
supported with more releases).  RQ3 is dead, and I know it; we just
couldn't adopt the new paradigms, I guess.

To close on a POSITIVE note, some of the things I thought were great (and
that I'm more or less stealing):
- the special effects themselves. They're great, and lend a great deal of
color to combat.  I like them a lot.
- animism chapter, as mentioned above.
- disease and poison effects, absolutely brilliant.  Far better then body
hp effects.
- fourlegged creatures use a d10+10 for hit location - I have no idea why
that hadn't occurred to me in 30+ years of DM'ing RQ.  But I'm using it now
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