[Runequest] RQ III to MRQ1 to RQVI conversions

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Jul 15 02:06:18 EST 2013

David Cake wrote:
> Those books are interesting. They don't really disagree with or get
> superceded by anything written later, and they add a whole new dimension
> to play. I've not used either, but I plan to quite soon (I'm running
> through Dara Happa Stirs, will be an interesting way to give the players a
> feel for the broader scale politics they are becoming a part of).
> Legendary Abilities certainly would make quite reasonable heroquest
> abilities.
Good to know. My guys are coming to a "free" city, kind of a massive
sprawl where a major river enters a sea. The concept is that when the
country one side of the river tried to impose its will, taxation etc to
city people just moved to the otehr side and vice versa, so eventually it
became a city state in its own rigt and beholden to no ne otehr. However
due to the populaces long avoidance of authority and taxation, most
services are run by various guilds, factions and syndicates. I am thinking
like a loose confederatiuon of colegium's (SP) who through mutual
agreement are have representation on a governing council.

Of course city would be rife with corruption, areas of crime etc. Various
malitias and guards and fire teams would compete with each other. Hmm,
come to think of it it may be a bit like an ancient version of Mega City

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