[Runequest] RQ III to MRQ1 to RQVI conversions

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Jul 14 20:54:48 EST 2013

David Cake wrote:
> A difficult question. If it was me, I'd break open the piggy bank and grab
> the RQ6/MRQ2 material and not bother with MRQ1 material at all.
> The most important conversion issue if you are planning to use MRQ1
> material but later convert to MRQ2 is ignore the entire 'Runes' concept.
> Oh, and Legendary Abilities, which I actually think are a pretty cool
> concept, but didn't make the transition to RQ6.
> Also, just be aware that while most of the rest of the main rulesbook is
> convertible with minimum changes, a lot of the supplementary books are
> not. Particularly things like the very high powered spells in the RQ
> spellbook.
Thanks David. Ja I was a bit concerned with the wole Runes concept, as its
same campaign world and we didnt use such before so to suddenly introduce
would be a spot inconsistent. That said if one were to go onto a hero
quest into the utgard or such one could possibly try that kind of stuff

What i am finding interesting is the book of guilds and factionsa and the
empires books, but these are more general assistants which can inspire

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