[Runequest] RQ III to MRQ1 to RQVI conversions

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Jul 14 20:26:42 EST 2013

So I have been picking up many MRQ1 books on various sales and eBay
acutions an dthe players are pushing to "upgrade" from RQIII. As current
campaign is down to two core players (others come and go and put in guest
appearances) and one core character has just died, we believe the time is
tight to upgrade, as only one character will need conversion.

That said, the ultimate plan is to one day find sufficient finances to
purchase RQVI, which will then require further character conversion. So as
one can surmise, MRQ1 (RQIV) will be an intermediate move. Now have heard
MRQ2 (RQV) and RQVI are pretty much the same, but are more similar to
RQIII than RQIV. That said, one wouldnt want to go to far down the RQIV
path then as 2-14 may well see another conversion.

Soo, the question i am asking, are there any major, ground breaking
differences that one should possibly not boither with. As in one steps to
the left converting RQIII to RQIv and then steaps back to the right when
moving to RQV/RQVI?


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