[Runequest] Variant RQ6 rule 1 - sorcery cantrips etc

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 03:32:25 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   I'll share with you a shortcut I used with my own kids.  They are big
Percy Jackson fans, so the Olympian pantheon dominates our adventures.
 And, just like in RQ3, my kids were expecting Folk Magic from their chosen
   On page 196 of the RQ6 book, there is a list of Folk Magic spells by
profession, and wherever possible I assigned a suitable "job" list as the
list for a given cult.  For example, members of the cult of Zeus may select
from the "Courtier" Folk Magic spells on page 196.
   Some cases were a stretch, like giving the cult of Hades the "Miner"
spell list, Hades being god of the Underworld.  (Perhaps "Mystic" would
have been a better choice.)  But the shortcut mostly worked out
   You could have different lists for different aspects of a god.  Athena
is into war, crafts, and wisdom -- Warrior, Crafter, and Scholar, depending
on the character's inclinations?
   Mind you, this is a shortcut.  If you're looking for a more
comprehensive answer, well, I hope you have more uninterrupted time than I
get.  :-)
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