[Runequest] Variant RQ6 rule 1 - sorcery cantrips etc

Pete Nash the.iqari at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 04:38:07 EST 2013

There's no problem with this whatsoever. Folk Magic could indeed be treated
as cantrips for a particular school of sorcery, it just depends on the
campaign or setting. :)

On 1 July 2013 20:04, David Cake <dave at difference.com.au> wrote:

>         Posting a few variant rules ideas that I'm tossing around for my
> RQ6 game. Throwing them out to this list as well as the RQ6 forums for a
> variety of reasons, including getting some different perspective, and
> because I really hate forums*.
>         First one - I've found when trying to write up magical traditions
> from Glorantha for RQ6, that often there are Folk Magic spells that fit
> perfectly with the concept, better than any spells in the other forms of
> magic.
>         For Animism, it just means some minor 'spirits' probably get
> written up as Folk Magic spells rather than actual spirits eg the Eye and
> Finger Spirits from the Sartar Companion pg 276 sound more like Disrupt or
> Demoralise spells than spirits.
>         For Theism, it has always been the case that theist cults make
> minor magics (Folk Magic) available.
>         And of course sorcerous orders can teach spells, but it doesn't
> seem right that sorcerers who master whole grimoires need to learn spells
> that should be included within them separately.
>         So I'm contemplating the idea that sorcerous grimoires also
> include a number of folk  magic spells, that can be cast at either the
> grimoires percentage, or the users folk magic percentage, whichever is
> higher. Cantrips seems an appropriate name for them.
>         Anyone see anything wrong with this idea?
>         Cheers
>                 Dave
> *actually, not sure if I hate forums, or just all the forums I'd ever
> used. It would be nice if someone would use discourse.org so I can work
> out if I hate forums, or just outdated 90s style implementation of the
> concept.
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