[Runequest] Variant RQ6 rule 2 - martial arts

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Tue Jul 2 04:13:49 EST 2013

	I've been thinking about a martial arts heavy game, and how to model it in RQ6. 
	The idea of a combat style being the same as a martial arts style seems fine. And I'm totally fine with removing a 'martial arts' skill, and all extra damage etc become magical effects (especially as we now have mysticism as a convenient and appropriate form of magic for these kind of effects) or Gifts. 
	But the one Combat Style Trait per combat style seemed to be a real limit - pretty much every kung fu style martial artist was going to want Unarmed Prowess, which meant that in game terms all Combat Styles would be all pretty similar (at least when being used unarmed). So I've been thinking about martial arts rules that allow for a combat style to potentially have more than one trait. But then, those combat styles would obviously be too good if some styles just allowed multiple traits while others were stuck with one. 

	So, variant rules - a martial arts style allows, on attaining a certain level of skill probably, the purchase of a second (or even third or more) Trait for your combat style. 

	I'm thinking the best way to handle this is to treat it as roughly the same as gaining another spell, so probably 5 Improvement Rolls to purchase when available. Probably here is a minimum required level - maybe you need to get to 70% or so before buying the second trait. So a kung fu style when used by a PC in play might have both Unarmed Prowess and Intimidating Shout, or a particularly acrobatic style might have Unarmed Prowess and Excellent Footwork. True masters of the style might have even more traits.

	Thoughts? Overcomplicating combat? Unbalancing? 



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