[Runequest] Variant RQ6 rule 1 - sorcery cantrips etc

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Tue Jul 2 04:04:08 EST 2013

	Posting a few variant rules ideas that I'm tossing around for my RQ6 game. Throwing them out to this list as well as the RQ6 forums for a variety of reasons, including getting some different perspective, and because I really hate forums*. 
	First one - I've found when trying to write up magical traditions from Glorantha for RQ6, that often there are Folk Magic spells that fit perfectly with the concept, better than any spells in the other forms of magic. 
	For Animism, it just means some minor 'spirits' probably get written up as Folk Magic spells rather than actual spirits eg the Eye and Finger Spirits from the Sartar Companion pg 276 sound more like Disrupt or Demoralise spells than spirits. 
	For Theism, it has always been the case that theist cults make minor magics (Folk Magic) available. 
	And of course sorcerous orders can teach spells, but it doesn't seem right that sorcerers who master whole grimoires need to learn spells that should be included within them separately. 

	So I'm contemplating the idea that sorcerous grimoires also include a number of folk  magic spells, that can be cast at either the grimoires percentage, or the users folk magic percentage, whichever is higher. Cantrips seems an appropriate name for them. 

	Anyone see anything wrong with this idea? 



*actually, not sure if I hate forums, or just all the forums I'd ever used. It would be nice if someone would use discourse.org so I can work out if I hate forums, or just outdated 90s style implementation of the concept. 

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