[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 52, Issue 20

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Dungeon was reissued last year by FFG !


Got a lot of praise from Geek dads looking to get there kids into
dungeon-crawling boardgames.
It was certainly an early introduction into RPGs / dungeoneering for me,
alongside red box D&D - and then came a random gift of RQII from a family
friend, although it would probably take until RQIII until I really "got"

Looking forward to trying out some RQ6 soon after an early MRQII attempt
didn't quite work for me (some combat grumbles in that one). The upcoming
book of quests looks like a great way to get that going, and the initial
preview "Caravan" adventure is due a play in the next month or so. After
that, I'll be appealing to the creators / powers that be for a green light
for getting it onto Fantasy Grounds - most of my gaming is online these
days, and I've been playing Savage Worlds too long - need some more
"crunch" in my next campaign :)

I guess this is my "no longer lurking post" then :)


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> I LOVED Dungeon. Can't believe that no one has reissued it. Last time I
> looked online, a copy cost over $200!
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