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Tue Jan 29 03:21:54 EST 2013

I think the system-nostalgia has everything to do with the richness of the
older settings.

This may sound like one of those "get off my lawn!" old-man posts, but I
simply don't see the depth in the games anymore.

Dunno...it seemed like back then that people 'wasted' time & pages writing
deep, comprehensive things into the rules "just because".  I likewise
believe C&S has some pretty bad rules, but the books as source material are
still better than most of the dreck coming out of Hasbro.  The rules back
then were dense, poorly-written, rarely tested (Arduin, lol) ...but there
was a flavor that seems to be missing today.
And no disrespect intended, but if you took the text of the 458-page RQ6
book and condensed it down to single-space, 2 column, 10 (sometimes 8?)
point type with 1/2" margins and no art like I recall the C&S books were,
how many pages it have been? 250? 200?

I suspect it has a lot to do with the aging of the people behind the games.
 What's the average age of your pen'n'paper RPG gamer today?  35? 40?
 We're now concerned more with feeding our families, than the precise
varieties and protective values of 3-link vs 4-link chainmail.

Further, today's gamer demographic from 12-30 are simply far less
interested in the 'rich' stuff.  If they play at all, they're generally
still looking for that very linear, simplistic gaming experience they
learned from XBox360 or WoW.

As my son and I were contemplating Mozart's birthday yesterday, and we
discussed the fact that he produced 180 cd's-worth of music (I'm not
exaggerating: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Complete_Mozart_Edition) in
his short 35-year life.  In one year, I believe he did something like 22
concerts in 38 days; from 1786-1791 he wrote something like 160 pieces of
music including the Magic Flute.
My 19yr old's response?  It's because they didn't have the internet.  (He
wryly commented that "yeah, if they'd had the internet back then, all we'd
have to remember Mozart would be empty bags of chips, empty cans of
mountain dew, and some really well-geared WoW characters")
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