[Runequest] Introduction

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Mon Jan 28 11:12:09 EST 2013

	I can't remember the exact order - I think the first game was Tunnels and Trolls, but original D&D and Traveller about the same time. 
	Oddly enough, I remember reading about Glorantha before i actually played RPGs and being fascinated by it. I like most of the other BRP games plenty, and RuneQuest Earth etc, but Glorantha and RuneQuest is a combination that can't be beaten. 
	Like many of us I'm sure, Ive tried many many games over the years, and many of them have their own virtues -- D&D 3E, HeroQuest, almost every other BRP based game, Champions/Hero system, Ars Magica, Shadowrun, Unknown Armies. But RuneQuest and Glorantha are the game and setting that I keep coming back to. 


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