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Phil Hendry philhendry at macace.net
Mon Jan 28 11:09:40 EST 2013

On 27 Jan 2013, at 23:56, Stephen Posey wrote:

> Wow our RPG histories sound remarkably similar: I also started with White Box D&D back in '77. Wandered around among AD&D,

Never played AD&D - we did try D&D 3E, but only lasted about six weeks before we decided we loathed it.

> Original Traveller,

Great game.  Loved that one, back in the day - it was probably the second RPG I ever played, after D&D.


One of the lads owned EPT, but we never got around to playing.

> , miscellaneous FGU systems

Ah, we spent a fair bit of time as post-grads playing Bushido...  At the time we were pretty hard-core - playing either MERP or RQ at least one evening a week (two evenings more often than not), and playing Bushido on Sunday afternoons/evenings.  I loved Bushido, as did the guy who GMed it - we were both quite interested in Japanese culture.  The rest of the group enjoyed it, but it wasn't a favourite with them.

> So what part of the globe do you hail from?

I've lived in Lancaster, UK, since 1980, having moved here from Carlisle on becoming a student.


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