[Runequest] Introduction

Stephen Posey stephenlposey at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 28 10:56:11 EST 2013

> Wow, a proper mailing list - I haven't belonged to one of
> these for years!  So I suppose I'd better introduce myself
> properly.  My name is Phil.  By profession I am a
> low-temperature physicist, though I am taking an extended
> 'career break' - either that or I've retired early - not
> sure which yet.
> I've been playing RPGs since 'white box' D&D in the late
> '70s.  Since then I/we have played a fair few different
> games.  I won't list them all, even if I could remember
> them!  Particular favourites over the years (or games we
> played a lot) include MERP, Rolemaster, Runequest (II/III),
> Traveller, Dark Heresy, WFRP2, Hârnmaster.  Recently we've
> been trying to play The One Ring (with me GMing - we tend to
> alternate GMing duties).  It hasn't been going well.  The
> books are easy to read, but hard to use as a reference, and
> the game itself seems very 'loose' and 'narrativist' which,
> it seems, doesn't really suit our gang.  We prefer more
> 'crunchy' games - as you can probably tell from the list of
> favourites.

Wow our RPG histories sound remarkably similar: I also started with White Box D&D back in '77. Wandered around among AD&D, Metamorphosis Alpha, Original Traveller, EPT, miscellaneous FGU systems, TFT, GURPS, CoC, and RQ. I've always tended to gravitate back toward a BRP variant of some kind though.

So what part of the globe do you hail from?


Stephen Posey
stephenlposey at earthlink.net 

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