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Phil Hendry philhendry at macace.net
Mon Jan 28 04:04:52 EST 2013

On 26 Jan 2013, at 20:17, Peter Maranci wrote:

> Welcome to the list, Phil!

Thanks Peter, and everyone, for the welcome!

> I suspect it's one of the oldest lists still functioning. I got internet access back in the 1980s (which wasn't easy to do) just to join it.

I remember the 1980s - seven of us in the lab sharing one login and email address; tapping out emails on an orange/black VT100 terminal.  Typing out Rolemaster house-rules in Digital Standard Runoff (I think?) on the university's Vax 11/780-5.  All of which seemed very, very, modern and hi-tech after programming the uni's ICL 2960 with punch-cards!!!

I never cease to be amazed at the rate of technological progress in the past 30 years.  My 27" 3.4GHz iMac, and all that it can do, seems, when I think about it, positively miraculous!

> I don't play RQ6 personally (my current campaign is a multi-world, multi-genre game using a blend of modified classic RQIII and Chaosium's new Basic Roleplaying), but I think you've made the right choice. RQ is much easier to GM than most systems.

I haven't GMed RQ before, but it (RQII/III) was fun to play.  Plenty of experience GMing MERP, Hârnmaster, WFRP, etc, though.  The One Ring is the first time I've really struggled with GMing.  Not that I'd consider myself a good GM, but I get by, and my players seem to have fun.

I was tempted to use Glorantha, because some of us have adventured there before, a very long time ago.  But, when I lookat it, I don't think I can be bothered.  It seems very, very, involved, and complex, in a way it didn't in the '80s (but perhaps it seemed simple, and natural back then because we had a good GM) - and as though there's an awful lot to know.  I want some space to invent my own stuff.

> And since it maps relatively well to the real world, your background as a physicist should be a huge asset.

Unsurprisingly (?), my group is mostly of a scientific/engineering bent - apart from a lady vicar that is!!  We don't do sci-fi very well - we usually get into discussions about FTL travel, entropy, and other stuff, which bring the game to a grinding halt.  Dark Heresy 'works' for us in that the science and technology is all treated as, in effect, magic, with no-one understanding how it works - so, somehow, we don't bother either.

> What can you tell us about your world?

Well, I want a more or less 'bog-standard' fantasy world - orcs/goblins, trolls, dwarves, elves, men, etc.  But I want a bit of a twist to it.  First off, so many worlds seem to be either mature or 'past it' - looking back sadly towards a 'golden age' in the dim and distant past - probably Tolkien's influence.  I suppose you could say they look towards the sunset in hope of better things 'in the next world'.

So I want a world which is much 'younger' in outlook.  Probably still a 'medieval' fantasy, but where that medievalism isn't the result of a 'fall' from some past idyll, but a world which is still developing.

The physical bit of world I've got in my head is an 'East-facing' coast - symbolically, as well as actually, looking towards the sunrise; a wide land, with a range of (young, partly active volcanic?) mountains to the West.  No-one knows what lies to the West of the Mountains - the fabled 'Land beyond the Sunset', but 'weird stuff' is said to come from there - the home of the mysterious silvan (elf) folk for one, as well as other, far less savoury, creatures.

There is conflict, between light and dark, between the races who dwell in the light (men, halflings, etc), and those who
dwell in darkness (orcs, trolls, etc).  Dwarves are the wisest of the 'Light' races, knowing far more about the world, and of all races most about the runes which underpin its existence and the existence of everything in it.  But they have a dark secret...

The orcs are descended from dwarves who delved too deep, and awoke 'something' in the depths, which warped and corrupted them.  This is the main source of the deep enmity between orc and dwarf, and is the main thing driving conflict between light and dark, into which I suspect all the races will be drawn, gradually.  

I have written more detail, but that's a sort of précis of where I'm up to.


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