[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 52, Issue 14

Andrew bgecko at bigpond.com
Sun Jan 27 12:13:46 EST 2013

>   1. Re: Introduction (Andrew)

Hi all, I've never really introduced myself and Phil has prompted me to. I 
have been on here, reading stuff in the background for some time.

I'm based in Australia and a mid 40's career police officer (25 years in the 
job, mostly as a detective). I also was introduced to RPG's in the 80's and 
played D&D, Traveller, Space Opera and RQ2 and 3. It was the RQ system and 
background of Glorantha that I found most compelling and its the only RPG I 
now play, albeit infrequently. I both GM and play, with no real preference 
for either.

I'm really hoping RQ6 provides more Glorantha related material, outside of 
Prax and the usual stuff. Given the amount of time we have been playing I'd 
really like to explore hero level gaming, rather than the more mundane 

Welcome Phil and hello all.


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