[Runequest] RQ6 questions... again

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 11:39:20 EST 2013

David Cake,
   If I may be so forward as to put you personally on the spot, I have
follow-up questions.  (If you are uncomfortable about being put on the
spot, just ignore my questions and I'll pretend I never asked.)
   My players are my kids and, being kids, would adapt very quickly to any
change in the rules.  It is middle aged me that is having trouble wrapping
my head around new ideas.  My understanding is that RQ6 moves away from
specific weapon skills and instead has "fighting styles".  Is that correct?
   If so, how does that work out?  This is an unclear question, I know.
 But I mean how it works out in several senses:

1.  When making characters, did players right away clearly see what they
were getting when they chose fighting styles?  Or does it take a little
practice for players to see how the various styles will work out "in the

2.  When making a character, do players feel that they have to make a
choice between character types they want and fighting styles their party
wants?  (You know, like when joining a D&D game and the party asks you to
take a cleric.)  Or does this never come up?

3.  When in melee, do different players feel equally happy with their
chosen fighting styles?

4.  I read that, depending on fighting style, a character might have either
two or three Action Points.  If that is so, then how does that work out in
melee combat?  Do your players find the difference between 2 and 3 action
points to be significant?  And, when judging what sorts of antagonists to
throw at the party, does the GM need to think carefully about how many
action points the bad guys will have, or is it not such a big deal in your

   And David, I will certainly understand if you don't feel inclined to
answer any or all parts of this email.  Really.
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