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Hi and welcome,

I'd add that RQ6 seems quite easy and open to worldbuilding, with little to
connect it (yet) to Glorantha.  The magic systems in particular practically
invite you to really think through your particular 'interpretation' of how
magic works, far moreso than did any other RQ (altho RQ3 was ostensibly
Fantasy Earth, I guess...I never found the Roman Era terribly interesting
as an adventuring setting unless you were running a political game).


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Welcome to the list, Phil! I suspect it's one of the oldest lists still
functioning. I got internet access back in the 1980s (which wasn't easy to
do) just to join it.

I don't play RQ6 personally (my current campaign is a multi-world,
multi-genre game using a blend of modified classic RQIII and Chaosium's new
Basic Roleplaying), but I think you've made the right choice. RQ is much
easier to GM than most systems. And since it maps relatively well to the
real world, your background as a physicist should be a huge asset.

What can you tell us about your world?
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> Hello,
> Wow, a proper mailing list - I haven't belonged to one of these for years!
>  So I suppose I'd better introduce myself properly.  My name is Phil.  By
> profession I am a low-temperature physicist, though I am taking an extended
> 'career break' - either that or I've retired early - not sure which yet.
> I've been playing RPGs since 'white box' D&D in the late '70s.  Since then
> I/we have played a fair few different games.  I won't list them all, even
> if I could remember them!  Particular favourites over the years (or games
> we played a lot) include MERP, Rolemaster, Runequest (II/III), Traveller,
> Dark Heresy, WFRP2, Hârnmaster.  Recently we've been trying to play The One
> Ring (with me GMing - we tend to alternate GMing duties).  It hasn't been
> going well.  The books are easy to read, but hard to use as a reference,
> and the game itself seems very 'loose' and 'narrativist' which, it seems,
> doesn't really suit our gang.  We prefer more 'crunchy' games - as you can
> probably tell from the list of favourites.
> After thirty-odd years of 'playing in other people's worlds', I am feeling
> the urge to build my own setting (even when those other worlds are as well
> thought out as Middle Earth or Kethira).  I thought about using Hârnmaster,
> but didn't fancy the task of disentangling the setting-specific rules, and
> the same goes for the others.  I/we also wanted a more 'magic-rich' game
> after the relative paucity of magic in, for instance, Middle Earth and
> Kethira.  So RQ6 looks like a good candidate.  There is a little (like the
> runes) which smacks of Glorantha, but those things fit nicely into what I
> envisage anyway.
> So here I am, madly scribbling snippets of information about my own world
> as they occur to me whilst playing in a Dark Heresy game, and reading RQ6!
>  Schizophrenic, me?  Though I've played RQ (albeit over twenty years ago),
> I've never GMed it before.  I've also never got around to designing my own
> world before.  So I'm likely to be asking a lot of questions.
> It's nice to find a proper mailing list with, to judge by the archives,
> some good, intelligent, discussions going on.
> Cheers,
> Phil
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