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Welcome to the list, Phil! I suspect it's one of the oldest lists still
functioning. I got internet access back in the 1980s (which wasn't easy to
do) just to join it.

I don't play RQ6 personally (my current campaign is a multi-world,
multi-genre game using a blend of modified classic RQIII and Chaosium's new
Basic Roleplaying), but I think you've made the right choice. RQ is much
easier to GM than most systems. And since it maps relatively well to the
real world, your background as a physicist should be a huge asset.

What can you tell us about your world?
On Jan 26, 2013 3:01 PM, "Phil Hendry" <philhendry at macace.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> Wow, a proper mailing list - I haven't belonged to one of these for years!
>  So I suppose I'd better introduce myself properly.  My name is Phil.  By
> profession I am a low-temperature physicist, though I am taking an extended
> 'career break' - either that or I've retired early - not sure which yet.
> I've been playing RPGs since 'white box' D&D in the late '70s.  Since then
> I/we have played a fair few different games.  I won't list them all, even
> if I could remember them!  Particular favourites over the years (or games
> we played a lot) include MERP, Rolemaster, Runequest (II/III), Traveller,
> Dark Heresy, WFRP2, Hârnmaster.  Recently we've been trying to play The One
> Ring (with me GMing - we tend to alternate GMing duties).  It hasn't been
> going well.  The books are easy to read, but hard to use as a reference,
> and the game itself seems very 'loose' and 'narrativist' which, it seems,
> doesn't really suit our gang.  We prefer more 'crunchy' games - as you can
> probably tell from the list of favourites.
> After thirty-odd years of 'playing in other people's worlds', I am feeling
> the urge to build my own setting (even when those other worlds are as well
> thought out as Middle Earth or Kethira).  I thought about using Hârnmaster,
> but didn't fancy the task of disentangling the setting-specific rules, and
> the same goes for the others.  I/we also wanted a more 'magic-rich' game
> after the relative paucity of magic in, for instance, Middle Earth and
> Kethira.  So RQ6 looks like a good candidate.  There is a little (like the
> runes) which smacks of Glorantha, but those things fit nicely into what I
> envisage anyway.
> So here I am, madly scribbling snippets of information about my own world
> as they occur to me whilst playing in a Dark Heresy game, and reading RQ6!
>  Schizophrenic, me?  Though I've played RQ (albeit over twenty years ago),
> I've never GMed it before.  I've also never got around to designing my own
> world before.  So I'm likely to be asking a lot of questions.
> It's nice to find a proper mailing list with, to judge by the archives,
> some good, intelligent, discussions going on.
> Cheers,
> Phil
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