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I've been doing a similar thing at conventions for years.

If I'm running a demonstration game, as opposed to a full-on con game, I
give the players a semi-completed character sheet with characteristics
allotted, but then cart-blanche to allocate a set of skill % values as they
wish, much as you've described. Magic, if being used, is kept simple with a
full description of spells available on the character sheet or a separate
cheat sheet.

It gives players an investment in their characters, allows you to explain
how the skill system works, and then to get into the game speedily.

Its a good approach, Pete.

On 22 January 2013 23:57, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> Last weekend I ran a couple of one-shot introductory scenarios for
> RuneQuest at the Arisia convention in Boston. Rather than supply
> pregenerated characters as I have in the past, I made up customizable
> character sheets with very simplified rules; my goal was to convey the
> basic concepts behind RQ, without overwhelming new players.
> I'm going to make some tweaks based on what I learned over the weekend,
> but all in all it seems a very promising approach. The sheets were designed
> to print two-sided and be folded pamphlet-style, with a cover that blurbs
> the adventure, the inner left "page" giving a simplified version of the
> system, the inner-right page a simplified character sheet, and the back
> cover a brief explanation of the history of the system and its innovations,
> as well as (of course) a link to my RQ webpage. The sheets were generally
> met with a lot of interest, and I handed out a bunch of them at some of the
> panels I did, too. Altogether I distributed about 30 of them.
> Once I've adjusted them a bit, I'll probably post them to my site. They're
> not totally self-contained, of course; you have to consult the GM for
> information about specific weapons, armor, and magic items (I allowed each
> player the equivalent of a +2 magic item of some kind, or alternatively a
> 10-point magic point matrix).
> As for the simplification, I eliminated hit locations, some skills
> (retaining the most necessary ones), most spells (keeping only some spirit
> magic), Fatigue (of course), and quite a bit more. I kept all
> characteristics, but rather than have them be rolled, players were allowed
> to allot the numbers 12 through 18 between the stats, using each value
> once. I color-coded STR, INT, DEX, and APP, and color-coded applicable
> skills to match; each point above ten in the color-matched characteristic
> added one point to all the matching skills.
> As for the skills, players were given the following scores to allocate to
> their skills (including combat skills): 80x3, 70x3, 60x3, 50x3, and 40x3.
> All other skills were at 20%+. So they could, for example, have three
> skills with a value of 80% (plus the appropriate characteristic bonus, if
> any). The character creation process was relatively quick, much quicker
> than the standard RQ character creation.
> Combat was simplified into two actions per round, consisting of a choice
> of attack, defense, spell-casting, and/or movement. I eliminated special
> successes (retaining crits and fumbles) but that was a mistake; combat took
> too long that way. Still, players seemed really impressed with the logic of
> the system, and the opposed resolution roll in particular was easier to
> explain than I had originally expected. I may have made some converts!
> So has anyone else tried something like that?
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