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Sorry if my use of the term 'mealy' offended, it's just that the logic of
the statement simply isn't apparent to me.  Maybe I'm entirely off base,
but "..."In melee combat, an attack is not just one blow but a series or
combination of blows which occupy a span of time beginning with the strike
on which the weapon may be used until the end of the melee round". just
doesn't make sense.

Steve, I don't doubt that you meant it sincerely and based it on years of
SCA experience, I simply don't understand it logically.  It feels very much
like a puttying-over rationalization between a playable system that
resolves approximately 12 seconds of combat (and thus remains on a playable
scale for resolving a typical melee which may last a minute or more) vs. a
hyper-simulationist system which would resolve in tenths-of-a-second for
every individual blow but take HOURS to simulate.  It's the practical vs
the realistic, and at a certain level (ie for it to be playable but still
simulationist) puttying is REQUIRED, I suspect.

Let's say you have a fighter hypothetically named Sven.
Sven has a strike rank of 2.
According to the above statement, if we take its meaning literally, Sven's
'attack' roll isn't just a swing at SR2.  It's the series of attacks he
makes from SR2 to SR10. (The actions covering 9 SR.)

The sort of description given above introduces a HOST of inconsistencies,
if interpreted literally.

If a keg of mead falls from the sky on SR 3 and knocks Sven unconscious,
90% of his effective attacks, etc are voided?

If his target suddenly has a protection spell 'come on' SR8, does that mean
that 1/3 of his damage taken goes away?

Other later actions during the round - what if Sven or his target moved?

What about the limitation that a parry may only block a single attack from
a source, if that source's 'attack' is in fact happening over all the
subsequent SRs?  Or even in the specific case that source attacks with that
same weapon a second time?

Finally, there's the contrarian notion that using the description above,
someone really slow, with a SR10 is completely invulnerable to the same
sort of catastrophic interruption that happened to poor Sven.

I think it's incontrovertible: combat 'swings' are treated and resolved as
a point-event in every way.

(And, at some point I'm going to find my AD&D original DM's guide, I'm
pretty sure their description of the 1 minute melee round is nearly
identical - for the exact same reasons.)

I'm not here to bust anyone's chops over this.  I'm a LONG TIME RQ3'er, I
love that game, and I'm liking RQ 6 a lot.
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