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One of the tests Steve ran when writing RQ back in the 70's was to time 
me & see how many blows I could throw, how many I could block, & how 
many I could throw & block in 12 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds to 
determine the "best" length of a melee round. Considering that in the 12 
second round it was easily on the order of 15 to 20 blows thrown & 
blocked even after a long tiring session I would say that even a 5 
second melee round is a concatenation of a melee flurry. Even my most 
exhausting fight - a 1 hour 23 minute bout against Sir Christopher of 
Houghten at the first "Vikingsholm Tourney" on the shores of lake Tahoe 
- where we both were fighting altitude sickness on top of exhaustion, we 
were throwing more than one blow every 2 seconds. Also at the time in 
the SCA (the mid 70's), "Duke Paul of Bellatrix" & "Duke James Greyhelm" 
were the premier fighters (mostly in the West since travel between East 
& West was minimal - but at the time the Western fighters were regarded 
as much better than Eastern). Both of them taught their students to 
throw "Combinations" of blows. That lead to the way RQ handled melee & 
the quote from RQ3.

By RQ6's time, you have multiple styles of combat & multiple research 
groups that have studied & translated from the ancient masters. This has 
lead to a blossoming of knowledge about early combat. But still more 
than one blow is thrown in any 5 minute period.

So both have their simulations in trying to present "reality" out of the 
necessity of avoiding getting too complex.


On 1/21/2013 1:55 AM, lev at rpgreview.net wrote:
>> Would you say RQ3 is more abstract and RQ6 more simulationist, really?
> Yes, really.
> RQ6 says, explicitly, "Fighting in RuneQuest is resolved in a blow by blow
> progression, each attach or parry representing a single swing, cast[,] or
> shot or a weapon." p140
> RQ3 says, explicitly, "In melee combat, an attack is not just one blow but
> a series or combination of blows which occupy a span of time beginning
> with the strike on which the weapon may be used until the end of the melee
> round". p50 Del.
> Both are simulationist of course, insofar they are designed with a view to
> be realistic in their presentation.
> All the best, Lev
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