[Runequest] RQ6 simulationist question

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Mon Jan 21 23:15:20 EST 2013

> 	Yes, but having separate skills in 1 H spear (attack and parry), 1H sword
> (attack and parry), LH shield (attack and parry) is certainly a huge
> amount less abstraction than a single skill 'Hoplite combat style'.

That is indeed true also; I certainly never bothered to separate attack
and parry as separate skills.

> 	It had never occurred to me that it needed much explanation - it seems
> fairly trivial to adapt to ones game in practice, and the notes on style
> in the GMing chapter made it pretty clear why there wasn't a standard
> list.

In which case we can certainly strongly agree to strongly disagree on that

> 	Which isn't to say that deciding what should go into a combat style is
> always trivial (those on the WorldOfGlorantha list will notice my recent
> obsessive musing on Dara Happan use of Greek vs Macedonian style
> phalanxes), but the reasons why should have little to do with the rules.

Personally I would prefer to see such obsessive musings represented in the
actual game.

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