[Runequest] RQ6 simulationist question

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Sat Jan 19 22:49:55 EST 2013

> Real hand to hand combat, whether bare handed, with blade or or weapons is
> a very fluid and dynamic affair, with a lot of things going on
> simultaneously, both mentally and physically. Not something that is easily
> captured by game rules, and I think that a truer simulation would lead to
> a
> quite complex pen and paper game system. Especially if you want to model
> the concurrency in a real fight.

I think it's pretty clear that RQ6 is a more simulationist set of combat
rules and indeed, it is explicitly orientated to do that. RQ3 is
deliberately and openly more abstract.

As for complexity, I think that is best "simulated" by higher levels of
randomness. A game system that seeks to encapsulate the multitude of
variables is either going to have to be much more complex or more random
(to abstract the complexity). Interestingly, Rolemaster did a reasonable
job at this because of the crazy unknown killer criticals.

All the best, Lev

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