[Runequest] What I did with little thought to the future.

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Sat Feb 9 15:53:39 EST 2013

Sorcery in RQ3 is already unbalanced compared to shamanism and divine magic.

Beginning sorcery users take so long to improve their skills that many
players will grow frustrated with it. Adepts and Magic are able to
(essentially) permanently buff their entire party in a way that divine and
spirit magic has no answer for. It is not terribly dissimilar to the plight
of old edition Dungeons and Dragons magic users - pathetically weak at low
levels, ridiculously strong at high levels. It is never really balanced;
I'm not sure it can be (certainly the Sandy variant is at least as bad, if
not worse).

That said balance isn't a holy grail, especially for kids. Go nuts, I
reckon - if they're having fun, you're doing a lot more for the
continuation of the hobby than this particularly curmudgeon is. :)

On 9 February 2013 12:20, Asher Royce Yaffee <ashersensei at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, All,
>    Without giving thought to the future, I did a few things to make
> sorcery more fun for my underage players.  The RQ3 sorcery system is a bit
> complicated for 7-, 8- & 10-year-olds, so I carry most of the load of
> making it work, of course.  I also added some house rules to make the
> spells more kid-friendly.
>    One house rule is that when a spell has parentheses, I tell my kids
> that they can choose which version to have ready for that day.  For
> example, if a sorcerer had the spell Form/Set (substance), then the kids
> would decide what substance they might need for the day.  This house rule
> has made sorcerers very flexible, putting a minimum burden of planning on
> the kids.  (Planning is a real weakness for kids, as you may know.)
>    Speaking of planning being a weakness -- oh the irony! -- I hadn't
> given any thought to how this house rule might imbalance things.  Right
> now, while I manage everything, it's all fine.  But when the kids are older
> and making more decisions, such as whether to min-max, how would things
> work out?
>    Would this house rule make sorcerers the only logical choice for
> characters pursuing magic?  Would players abandon the path of the shaman
> and the priest even if they wanted to choose those for their characters?
>    Your opinions and insights are warmly welcome.  Thank you ahead of time.
>    Sincerely,
> Asher
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