[Runequest] Sandbox vs Campaign (was Re: Random thoughts)

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Feb 6 10:46:20 EST 2013

> Interesting that a number of people keep referencing "sand box" games
> versus campaign games. I've always run games which were a hybrid of both.
> Players could go along with the campaign happening in the world if they
> wanted to or just ignore the "big picture" events as best they were able.

I think it's best to see them as two extremes of a continuum; at one point
there is no meta-narrative at all, and on the other end of the extreme the
external plot dominates.

It is not to say that in the first instance external events do not occur -
they could be, for example, randomly determined. Nor does it suggest in
the second instance that characters input have no significance - it's just
that their capacity to derail the story in motion is difficult at best.

Personally, I was always quite fond of those scenarios which provided many
tantalizing hints of a meta-narrative, but left the actual wheels of
motion up the the GM to bring it together. The Rolemaster setting
Cloudlords of Tanara comes particularly to mind. From the RuneQuest world,
there was quite a lot that one could do with Borderlands, Shadows on the
B, Sun County, etc in a similar way.

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