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Wed Feb 6 05:39:48 EST 2013

I'm curious about this as well.  For a while I was playing with a new group
that would generate new characters, write up background stories, play an
adventure spanning maybe 3-4 sessions and then retire those characters only
to start the character generation process all over again.  This seemed so
crazy to me, since I was used to a more enduring story arc that could
outlive any single character and sometimes even an entire party.  We played
until we reached an endgame of some sort; an epic battle or other
satisfying resolution.

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We used to call the above 'tournament'-style play.  Nonexistent or
abbreviated character generation, short rather linear adventures, and the
whole thing wrapped up in 1-5 sessions.
It has its place; some people enjoy it more.  OTOH my group tends to prefer
the long-duration stuff with more emotional investment in their characters.
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