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I'm curious about this as well.  For a while I was playing with a new group
that would generate new characters, write up background stories, play an
adventure spanning maybe 3-4 sessions and then retire those characters only
to start the character generation process all over again.  This seemed so
crazy to me, since I was used to a more enduring story arc that could
outlive any single character and sometimes even an entire party.  We played
until we reached an endgame of some sort; an epic battle or other satisfying


I understand the appeal of a "one shot" especially to introduce new players
to a setting or rule set, but what is the advantage of repeated "sand box"



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Interesting that a number of people keep referencing "sand box" games versus
campaign games. I've always run games which were a hybrid of both. Players
could go along with the campaign happening in the world if they wanted to or
just ignore the "big picture" events as best they were able. I actually had
a group of players who bypassed an entire war just by packing up and moving
to another area of the world to start up their own caravansary franchise.

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