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Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 15:32:56 EST 2013

Hi, All,
   I really shouldn't email when I'm in a meandering mood, but here it is
   Past gaming.  I started with D&D and Traveller.  When I switched over to
RQ, it was with some relief, as I'd grown weary of the overkill in both D&D
and Traveller.  D&D has all those sudden death rolls, and Traveller has all
those high energy weapons.  "Nuke 'em from orbit" wasn't just an expression
in our Traveller adventures.
   But what really got me was that, in D&D, it wasn't so many levels up
before somebody basically had to stab your fighter in the guts to make you
take notice.  "Seven points of damage?  Well, I suppose I should do
something about that guy."  A few years down the road, I read some old King
Arthur Boy's Adventures, and the whole levels and hit points thing suddenly
made a lot more sense.  By then, of course, I was already hooked on RQ.
   I couldn't find many people who'd play Ringworld with me, but Traveller
was still relatively popular back then.  It was a great "sandbox" game (as
opposed to campaign-focused games), rich in opportunities for self-directed
playgroups.  But the microchip eventually ruined science fiction
roleplaying for me.  (With the Google robot car and the present "Great
Recession", humans becoming obsolete is not even science fiction anymore.)
   Anyways, of all the fantasy RPG's I've played, RQ remains my favorite --
whichever version one plays.  With that positive note, I'll sign off and
let this posting drop into obscurity, as it well deserves.  :-)

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