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I did some reasearch on this book and found this :


- A4 160p Basepak + A4 140p Suppliment(Extra background and rules). 
  Each includes ready-to-run scenario. 
- Needs only D6s. 

	* Nice Illustrations. Japanimation touch :-). 
	* Rich Background information about Dragon Pass. Brief history of Glorantha and Dragon Pass. Detailed history of Sartar and Lunar. Myth, maps, runes, clans, magic items, etc...  
	* Rich cult information. For Player characters ... Orlanth, Humakt, Storm Bull, Charana Arroy, Issaries, Lhanker Mhy, Yelmalio, Ernalda, Odayra, Babeester Gor, Lanbril, Eurmal, Dnandar. For NPCs or Enemies ... Kygor Litor, Zorak Zoran, Mostal, Aldrya, 7 Mothers, Etiryes, Krasht, Malia, Bagog, Thed, Thanatar, Vivamort, Bloody Tusk. 
	* Simplified Character Generation (Cult-based template method). 
	* Only two Skill Categories. Mental skills and Physical skills. Mental skill mod is INT score. Physical skill mod is DEX score. 
	* No ENC. No Fatigue. No Hit Location. No Strike Rank but DEX-Rank. 
	* No Resistance Roll but Characteristic Roll does. 
	* No Special Hit. Only Critical on 1/10 of success chance. 
	* RQ2-like Impale/Slash/Crush rules. 
	* No enchant. No ritual magic. No shaman. No sorcery. 
	* No starndard Rune Magics. 3 to 5 Rune Magics for every cult. Ex. Orlanth: <Thundar Bolts> <Shield> <Flight> <Lightening Bolts> 
I don't really understand how the "needs only D6" and "Only Critical on 1/10 of success chance" can match together, so I guess the author of this description meant "needs only D6s and d100 for task resolution"...

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A little too 90's for my taste…

Actually, though, this is a pretty cool find.  Aside from the "anime" look to the people, though, the rest of the cover has a very west European feel.  If you were going to redo the cover, why wouldn't you at least put samara style armor on the guy and have a Japanese dragon?

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> I had no idea this even existed. Anyone know anything about it?
> http://www.amazon.com/RuneQuest-90s-Fantasy-Roleplaying-Japanese/dp/493846165X
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