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> To test ideas, I like to stretch limits. So, consider a situation that is seldom in any RQ publication: parents from different backgrounds. A strong candidate would be a non-inheriting son from the union of an Issaries priest and a Daka Fal shaman. Oh, both Illuminated. Granted, there could be great persecution against such a couple, but less so if the Illumination is hidden and both cults are generally respected. Or they live in Lunarland.

> The adventurer would grow up with large parts of all three disciplines, if not everything: he will not inherit, so he gets trained for a life on his own. He sees the differences between the disciplines and starts dabbling in sorcery, perhaps with parental guidance, and learns some basics on his own.

> So, at an early age (perhaps 15-ish), he "simultaneously" becomes Illuminated, an Issaries priest, a Daka Fal shaman and a Sorcerer.

A child of illuminates would not necessarily become Illuminated. If you go by the RQ rules for Illumination, you get a score based on the number of Nysalor Riddles you answer and get to roll that score every Sacred Time. However, not all Illuminates know Nysalor Riddles - I think it costs 1 POW to learn a Riddle. Doing so ties you into Nysalor very strongly, the difference between a Lay Member and perhaps a Priest or Initiate. Most Illuminates won't know Riddles.

Being a child of followers of different ways is not uncommon really. 

A child of an ancestor worshipper and an Issaries Priest would automatically be able to access ancestors, if so desired. I'd allow the child to join Issaries and also be able to join Daka Fal. I wouldn't be a problem for me. Experience-wise, the skills would be shared between the two professions, but maybe the ancestor worshipping parent is also a trader, in which case there wouldn't be a problem.

There is a little rules glitch which says Daka Fali cannot be initiates of other cults, but I have ignored that for years as being silly. There are many examples of trolls being in Daka Fal and Kyger Litor, Elves being in Daka Fal and Aldrya and Yemlic people being in Daka Fal and Yelm, or rather Yelmic people worshipping their ancestors.

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