[Runequest] Extreme Cases

Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 21:49:18 EST 2013

>"yeah, no need to explain it, I accept what you're saying." Realisation
without understanding is easier than understanding

I'm thinking of a more profound definition of "realise" - something
becoming real in your (perceived) world. Information is not knowledge.

>But yes, you're saying that the journey is important, not just the
destination. I don't disagree.
>Probably Illumination should be the result of Hero Questing; that seems a
plausible interpretation of how Arkat got it.

Who says it isn't? Asking a riddle is probably a re-enactment of mythic
events. And if the roles don't fit, then the re-enactment is meaningless.
If the myth is "Arkat meets strangers who ask him strange questions", then
if the person asking isn't a stranger then the encounter is meaningless.
Your parents are not strangers.

This is definitely straying away from RuneQuest rules territory though. My
main point is that you shouldn't extrapolate bizarre game-world situations
from a literal interpretation of the rules, unless you really do want to
play in an Order-Of-The-Stick style game world.

Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?
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