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Thu Aug 29 10:00:29 EST 2013

On 28 August 2013 22:50, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:

> "In a sense, illumination is the understanding that there aren't really
> any enforceable rules"
> It isn't "understanding", it's "realisation". You do not have to
> understand it, you have realise it, you must make it real.

Surely if anything that makes it even easier - "yeah, no need to explain
it, I accept what you're saying." Realisation without understanding is
easier than understanding (which cannot, by definition, exist without
realisation - it is impossible to understand something you do not realise).

> If you follow me, you will not find what I found.

Since this is the rules list, and since (IIRC) the only canonical way to
get Illuminated in RQ3 is by answering Nysalor riddles, and since such
riddles cannot be asked by those who have not either answered them
themselves, or researched the answers post Illumination, then from a
functional perspective you will find some subset of what I found.

But I do not necessarily disagree with what you're saying; take my above
paragraph more as a suggestion that we should have a means of Illumination
that didn't mechanically work that way.

> Can you truly go somewhere if you begin your journey there?

Arguably that just makes it a short journey. :)

But yes, you're saying that the journey is important, not just the
destination. I don't disagree. Probably Illumination should be the result
of Hero Questing; that seems a plausible interpretation of how Arkat got it.
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