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On Aug 27, 2013, at 6:19 PM, Gary Sturgess wrote:

> From a rules perspective, though, both parents would have ample opportunity to ask riddles as the child is growing up. Mechanically, it is virtually certain to succeed by the time he's of age.

Another vote for theory (again, not trying to make him playable, just stretch the rules and see where they go).

> But I'm not sure we're supposed to take the mechanics here as an accurate representation of how things really work, so much as a playable abstraction (otherwise you get 20 Humakti to throw Sever Soul at the Crimson Bat and, mathematically, one of them will succeed at the 5% POW roll).
> -- 

[devil's advocate for a moment] 

And the Bat's saving throw would only hit 00 once per 100 tries by those 20, to lets make that 2,000 Humackti throwing Sever Spirit. And some Lunar priest Resurrects it instantly (doesn't even miss a wing-beat / flap) and ...

200 of those Humacti fumble (depending) and sever themselves or their neighbors or their own High priest or one of the Bat's ticks (so it actually gets healthier) ... 

The abstraction hangs in there, yet again.

Seriously, folks, thank you. I am totally enjoying this and hope I'm not annoying anyone.

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