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> I think it's almost impossible that a child brought up by illuminated
> parents wouldn't themselves be illuminated.  The raising of children is, in
> its most fundamental sense, an exercise in cultural brainwashing at very
> deep levels.  I can't imagine that a child WOULDN'T be imprinted with the
> parents' fundamental values, regardless of what the parent wants to convey.
>  That said, it's entirely possible that the imprinting could be positive OR
> NEGATIVE: the child would be illuminated but might come to resent it - I
> can quite easily see a rebellious teen reacting to the relativism of
> illumination by becoming a zealot for a specific cause, their (own)
> illumination-be-damned.

Oh, I don't know about that. I see it as analogous to two anarchists
raising a child. In a sense, illumination is the understanding that there
aren't really any enforceable rules, so if your child goes through a
rebellious phase, you lack the ability to appeal to such tried and true
methods as "Well, what will the gods think?"

>From a rules perspective, though, both parents would have ample opportunity
to ask riddles as the child is growing up. Mechanically, it is virtually
certain to succeed by the time he's of age. But I'm not sure we're supposed
to take the mechanics here as an accurate representation of how things
really work, so much as a playable abstraction (otherwise you get 20
Humakti to throw Sever Soul at the Crimson Bat and, mathematically, one of
them will succeed at the 5% POW roll).
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