[Runequest] Where's My PC's Graduation Gift?

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What happens to all the loot, especially magic items, scrolls, etc, from ancestor Adventurers? From what I know of primitive cultures, selling the items to Lhankor Mhy would be almost taboo for many: items would stay in the family, clan, tribe, or cult before being sold to outsiders. This would include most townspeople, too, even if they are not tribally affiliated. Family First.

And how long has Adventuring been going on? How many items aquired?

So there would be something in most families, at least, and depending on the clan, tribe, and cult, there could be some in each. What's the point? Inheritance. Family heirlooms, handed down from generations past, given to favorite nieces, sons, etc. There would be many, many, many of them lost to time, sure, but have your favorite PC go through the family, attic and trunks and Detect Magic, they're going to find stuff. 

Some types of cults may Adventure more than others, Issaries comes to mind, so new Adventurers are likely to get gifted with unused items of known or unknown significance, when SETTING OUT! Parents and grand-parents at least would hand down items to the new quester. There needs be tables of these things, likelihood based on the usual character creation classes, especially magic-related items. 

What do you think?

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