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> Thank you.
> On Aug 27, 2013, at 8:20 AM, Phil Hibbs wrote:
> This does raise the interesting question of what happens when illuminates
> have children.
> The primary point was to see if anyone thought this was an "interesting
> question". No one seems to think cross-cult marriages is interesting,
> though. That was what I actually thought might generate interest, although
> most combinations would be disastrous for offspring without Illumination.
> Oh I think the question is worth asking; in-game-culture, the match would
be seen to be rather stupid and silly by everyone around.  Then again, love
between two people isn't usually constrained (from what I've seen) to
cultural norms, either.

I think it's almost impossible that a child brought up by illuminated
parents wouldn't themselves be illuminated.  The raising of children is, in
its most fundamental sense, an exercise in cultural brainwashing at very
deep levels.  I can't imagine that a child WOULDN'T be imprinted with the
parents' fundamental values, regardless of what the parent wants to convey.
 That said, it's entirely possible that the imprinting could be positive OR
NEGATIVE: the child would be illuminated but might come to resent it - I
can quite easily see a rebellious teen reacting to the relativism of
illumination by becoming a zealot for a specific cause, their (own)

Then again, re-reading what I'm writing, this is perhaps a sort of
navel-contemplating question more suited to the Glorantha Digest. :)
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